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Background Removal Service

Bulk image background removal services using photoshop clipping path and image masking technique. Get high-quality results at scale without sacrificing quality.

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Image Background Removal Services at Bulk

Clipping Path Associate is a leading provider of image background removal services. We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of our clients, including Clipping path, Image masking, Background removal for eCommerce, and Background removal for social media. We offer our services at competitive prices and deliver high-quality results on time. We also have a team of experienced and skilled photo editors who can handle even the most complex images. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable image background removal service, Clipping Path Associate is the right choice. Let's start with a free trial!

Method We use to Remove Background from an Image

While various techniques for image background removal exist, our professional approach relies exclusively on image clipping paths and masking techniques to ensure the highest quality results. Nevertheless, it's worth noting that alternative methods are also part of our comprehensive background removal service. Feel free to explore the array of techniques we employ to enhance your images.

Clipping Path

Clipping Path

Remove backgrounds from images with precision and accuracy using our clipping path service. Our skilled artisans carefully select pixels to isolate objects and remove backgrounds flawlessly, creating captivating visuals.

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Image Masking

Background remove using Image masking is essential for furry and transparent images, where clipping path won't suffice. Various masking techniques like Layer, Channel, and Refine Edge are employed by our designers with pen tablets for optimal results

Starts from $0.99 Free Trial

Complexities of Background Removal Service

Basic Background remove
0.3 $
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Simple Background remove
0.6 $
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Compound Background Remove
1.5 $
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Extra compound Background Remove
3 $
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Complex Background Remove
4 $
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Extra-complex Background Remove
6 $
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Background Removal Service

By giving you a fixed pricing structure on clipping path,image masking, background removal. It allows you to consider budgets quickly and also gain great benefits on large batch process requirements. Our service is here to avoid interruption to your creative and production times. Simply upload your artwork to us and benefit from over a decade of experience in the creative industry as we lighten your load with finely tuned clipping path and background removal service techniques. Applying the clipping path results in a hard (aliased) or soft (anti-aliased) edge, depending on the image editor’s capabilities, a clipping path is often used to isolate a product or part of a picture that is required to be positioned within an alternative environment. An example could be if you have 1000 images that you wish to use as a product showcase for a catalogue, however you are faced with brand restrictions such as the color of environment etc ‘then you may need to use a clippingpaths to isolate the image and insert a brand colored background in behind as part of the final visuals.

TARGET HIGH VOLUME OF SALES By using this service

An image background removal service is the part of the picture not placed in the forefront. The background depends on where the picture is taken. It includes components visible with the focused object and those components seen depend on the environment and can be removed in Photoshop. In some of the cases, people pose a picture in front of a beautiful background intentionally to get the lively look of the background on their image and on such cases, background removal service is not required. When people take a picture without any intended beautiful environment and the background seems not suitable for their attire. There comes the role of Photoshop and our designers are highly professional in removing the unwanted or unsuitable background to replace it with an attractive and desirable background which would enliven the image further. The background removal is performed totally with the instructions and requirements of the customer. It can completely change the outlook of your picture which can make your more attractive to the customers, thus increasing your sales volume and revenue.

Removal Service’s editorial process-

Clipping Path Associate offers the most affordable best price for this service with a minimal time and high quality. The delivery chain is very simple and convenient for both parties. We offer you to get such a low-priced service with such high-quality work. The first step starts with the client reporting to our company with the images that they want to work on.

The client then confirms the order for the background removal.

Once the order is confirmed, after a mutual agreement on negotiations about pricing we expect 50% payments from the clients beforehand and rest of the amount should be paid later once you get your work done completely.Then a payment confirmation receipt is sent to the customer then the work proceeds.

Our standard delivery time is 24 hours. However, there might be exceptional cases when a client demands urgent delivery then if the client requires images on an emergency basis we can deliver our service within three hours as those projects are considered as high priority work for us which are delivered.

Cases when you need background removal-

Our photo editing services will surely bring your imagination into reality. Whether you want to remove the background of a forest and replace it with the background setting of mountains or you want to replace a colorful background with a white background or transparent background, we can do it any way you want the picture to look. For e-commerce removing the background and replacing the background with a white background has become a de facto standard that is for any product removing the background from the photo is the perfect and best option. This service removes all the elements that might create visual communication confusion and it also makes it convenient to size and position products in a uniform way providing a neat and classic design for e-commerce commercial sites, catalogs, brochures, and many others similar to them. The Era we are living in, where technology is extremely fast and well-developed technique on product photos are used as a basic requirement by most of the online stores or sites such as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba and many more. The ideal visual representation for any technical documentation or manuals also demands removal services as removal of irrelevant background elements is a must for the end user to be able to concentrate better and emphasize better on the object in question. Say for example you need to restore a destroyed or faded photo, and then the technique can be applied to rejuvenate or totally eliminate the background or replace it with a new background either with a different color or some other elements. These services are used for many different cases for different situations. In situations when you want to attract all your attention towards the foreground object or you want to separate some features or structures or any form of object or you want to make the product stand out or the background is too much colorful that it takes concentration away from the object that you want to focus, or you want to use uniform background on multiple images then the technique is the ideal choice to bring your picture according to your requirements. In other situations when the natural background provides a context for the object or when professional lighting can perfectly provide the right background then removal service should not be taken.

Choosing and selecting a background removal- 

Whenever you are taking removal service you also need to choose and select another background for the picture. While selecting a background we will get a wide variety of options to select from the list of considerations of choice. The choice of background totally depends on the picture. Usually, for an e-commerce platform like Magento, Shopify or any other which requires work on different product photos, there is a background color policy which you have to follow. Think about the psychology of color for a moment then you can get a clear realization that they not only the object on the image reflects beautiful light but the background also holds an important role to beautify a picture. You can obviously imagine that a white background cannot make and white object look more attractive. For any case a background gives the perfect look to any picture so it should be chosen wisely. You can get the high-quality service from us.

Highly equipped and Expert Designers-

Our Company comprises of 48 highly qualified designers who are undoubtedly competent for Digital Image Editing services. After a lengthy and intensified interview process, only the best ones from the pool of candidates are selected to join in our design team. Moreover, the company provides intensive training from the management for all new and senior designers every week. Special induction training is also arranged for newly joined employees so that they get acquainted with the office within a week.

Positive intrinsic motivation is the plays an important role in everybody’s life to work hard and give the best service to our company always strives to maintain employee satisfaction. As once the employees contend only then they can serve the company better. Therefore, we can promise to our customers that we can give them highly standard quality work. Our employees work in three shift 24 hours a day so even if the client’s requirement is for bulk orders we can ensure to complete the work within the agreed upon time.

The Latest Photo Editing Tools-

The most advanced photo editing tools are used by our highly efficient designers. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign are our prominent editing programs. Using the latest tools our highly professional trained Design team ensures to serve the best output for any picture. To perform background removal of an image, a program which has a variety of tools known as Photoshop version CS6 is always preferable. It consists of the pen tool, lasso tool, polygonal lasso, and the magnetic lasso tool and many others. Availability of such variety of tools makes the image editing process easier and convenient and the work is also done in the minimum possible time which is desired by all our customers. Corel draw or Corel photo paint software can also be used to remove image backgrounds. The highlighter tool which helps to highlight the part of the image that you want to keep, while eliminating the other part of the image which customers want to remove away from the image by using the eraser tool. Our expert designers’ guarantee the best removal service by the use of these two tools so that not even small corners of the unwanted background are seen in the background removed the image. Bring life to your images with the best background removal service.

Our service pricing starts as low as $0.39. Feel free to check our quality of work by taking our Free Trial and reassure yourself about the quality of our service. Moreover, for bulk service we provide discount prices so don’t wait to contact us for discounted prices!  If you need more info please email us at Clipping Path Associate presents the best clipping path services that cater to your every need with immense attention to detail.

That depends on the quantity, quality, and complexity of the images. We will let you know how long the task will take to complete when we send you our price quotes. We promise to finish our work on schedule.

The completion of a project within the allotted time is crucial. However, completing the work to a high standard is more crucial. Yes, we strictly adhere to a three-step quality control procedure in all aspects of our work. It guarantees the highest caliber of final images.

To ensure the best possible work, we strictly adhere to our clients' instructions or uphold our own standards of quality. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will reimburse you 100% of your money in accordance with company policies.

Despite the intricacy, we actually execute tasks in the shortest amount of time. We are skilled at removing backgrounds from pictures with different levels of complexity, including fine details and complicated borders. Even the most difficult backgrounds are no match for our knowledgeable editors.

Without a doubt, you can check before placing an order for a project. Simply select the "free trial" option on our website, submit the image you wish to modify, and you will receive free sample work.

Yes, we do provide a special case discount of up to 30% for the background removal service.

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