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Reason why Jewelry Image Editing service is used so frequently?

Reason why Jewelry Image Editing service is used so frequently?

Jewelry is forever for women. Women wear jewelry from early ages. They are known for their choice of jewelry wearing. In early ages men were also known for wearing jewelry, they used to wear more jewelry than women. Asian kings are more known for wearing jewelry. And they really had better taste in jewelry than women. Women were classified according to the set of jewelry they worn. Jewelry explained their lifestyle and character as well and so this legacy is continued. Modern women also wear jewelry but now the designs are have changed so dramatically that it has no connection with older jewelry much. Jewelry is valued too much in our society from the very beginning and so the quality has to be standard, even if it is a picture.


Jewelry Image editing service is used rarely but with the most elegance. Jewelry is shown sparkly and smooth at the same. Images are altered so beautifully that the real jewelry is the picture looks like, as like the image is the real live one. Jewelry is forever and so the images are created concrete to have the focus of the audiences. Women like sparkly, sleek designs nowadays and so the stones are refined according to their demand.

How is Jewelry Photo Service altered in Photoshop?

The main focus is to make the stones look sparkly and nice to catch eyes of the audiences. People will only view something when they are interested and to make them again that interest some edits are done very carefully.

  • Smaller stones are sharpened more than the larger one to gain more visibility.
  • Exposure is added to the larger stones in an amount to make it look like it is shining if the proper lighting is not provided while clicking.
  • The subject is rotated to make it look straight. Even cropped to avoid the unwanted objects in the picture.
  • Resizing is must to set a perfect size so that it can be posted in every sort of site to make the site load faster.
  • Clipping path service is altered to change the background or to transparent the background.
  • The background is changed to grab the attention of the consumers. Choose a background that doesn’t mix with the product rather highlights the product.
  • Contrast, saturation, warmth is maintained to get the exact same color.
  • Often same design product comes with different color, rather snapping them all you can change the color with the color correction service.
  • You can use outdoor shooting spots to create your own background ideas but don’t pick something that catches focus instead of the product.

Jewelry is precious and costly always handle with cautions. If you want you can hire models to wear the jewelry and show the jewelry in such a way that it reveals the real way of using in the best way. Create different poses that show the jewelry more. Present your models keeping the jewelry in mind, like if the jewelry is heavy and well-crafted then the makeup and the dress of the model should be simple. If your model is wearing a heavy dress and make up the simple design jewelry should be involved. But when the makeup is very heavy and the dress as well then don’t shoot the full body of the model, the makeup and the apparel may grab focus instead of highlighting the jewelry.

Jewelry image editing services are used worldwide. International jewelry like Platinum necklaces are very famous and they are actually shiny as well as dull at the same time, designs are so sleek that if you rotate the jewelry in a side, one side will be shining and other will be representing as dull. This is what makes it so special. Platinum is very costly and so it should be handled and used with care, if a single scratch is marked then it would ruin the whole beauty of the jewelry. But don’t worry about that if by any chance it gets a bit of scratch then by Photoshop altering it can vanish. Platinum jewelry is hard to understand where it shall be shining and where it shall be kept blur or dull.

If you are outsourcing Jewelry image editing services then remember to mark the sides where what effect should be altered. While outsourcing always keeps the record of the company or the freelancer you are working with. Go for a free trial, this will help you to know how they work and what they work on. If both of your thoughts are synced then start working with them.  Always communicate with them and take work updates, if you don’t have the time to communicate then ask your employees to check upon them. Always pay after the delivery, never pay in advance. Ask discounts on bulk images and revision for free. Once you get a company or freelancer who works as per your demand and gives you the best result then keep on working with them. It is hard to find companies and freelancers who are really talented. Talent is always valued more so keep the talent with you it shall benefit you as well. As per I’m concerned by my fellow photographers outsourcing companies are more reliable than freelancers. They keep you work secured and safe, never mix up with other professional’s work. They have many designers to work on different services in batches so no risk of a mix-up and repeat. All the work are delivered on time, none are delayed even if delayed than it comes out with the result. And a great photo takes a lot of patience and time and if it is the way you thought than rather you are doing it wrong.

Summary- Keep your precious jewelry alive with the picture by using jewelry retouching services even if you are not using for E-commerce purposes. Always maintain the quality by rotating, resizing, exposure and other important editing services. If you are outsourcing then keep the records of the outsourcing company. It is best to use outsourcing companies more than a freelancer. Companies are more reliable than freelancers.

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