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Top 5 Affordable Real Estate Photo Editing Service Provider

Top 5 Affordable Real Estate Photo Editing Service Provider

First impressions matter a lot in today's competitive real estate market. Professionally edited images grab buyers' attention and lead to more sales. However, it takes work to get trustworthy and reasonably priced real estate photo editing services.

This article reveals budget-friendly ways to make your real estate listings shine. Discover high-quality photo editing services without breaking the bank.

The Importance of Expert Photo Editing

Expert photo editors enhance the visual appeal of real estate listings, which attracts more buyers.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 87% of buyers use photos to decide on a home online.

A small adjustment, such as adjusting the harsh lighting, doing color correction, eliminating any unnecessary things, etc., from the image improves its clean appearance. Meanwhile, high-end editing, such as virtual staging, HDR blending, etc., can completely transform its visual appearance.

It indicates the importance of professional photo editing in the real estate business.

Professional photo editing services can help real estate agents and property managers enhance the quality of their property listings. That will present their features most attractively, leading to strong marketing and more buyers.

This list outlines some of the most common photo editing services used to enhance real estate photography:

  1. Background Removal:

Remove distracting backgrounds from real estate photos to give them a more polished look. Replace the existing background with a pleasing one.

  1. Photo Retouching:

Increasing the contrast, brightness, and color accuracy of real estate photos, retouching any imperfection of walls, removing trees and cars in front of a house, etc.

  1. HDR Blending:

A photo editing technique that merges multiple photos of the same scene with different exposures. That allows editors to create the best version that includes the best exposures from all the photos.

  1. Sky Change:

One of the common photo editing requirements. Either change the complete sky with a different one or color-correct the existing one. This service changes the view of a property picture.

  1. Virtual Furnishing:

Photo editors add furniture and decor to give an idea of how the room will look like.

  1. Perspective Adjustment:

Fixing photo angles, tilting or centring it can give a realistic view of a property

  1. Resizing and Cropping Images:

Resizing images for different uses, including printed materials, social media, and websites.

  1. Photo Merging:

Create views or display different perspectives of a property by blending images.

  1. Color Adjustment:

Adjusting colors to ensure photos accurately reflect the property's appearance

  1. Item Removal:

Removing items, such as waste bins, vehicles or personal items, from property photos.

Five Real Estate Photo Editing Services at affordable prices

1. Clipping Path Associate

Clipping Path Associate is a professional image editing service provider specializing in high-quality clipping path services. It has established itself as a reliable vendor in the real estate industry. They provide exceptional photo editing services specifically tailored for real estate agents, property managers, and others in the field.

They provide HDR Blending, image retouching, color correction, and background removal, to name a few, for real estate editing.

Pricing: Basic edits start at $0.25 per image, and high-end editing can cost from $8 to $35 per image.

Services: Architecture retouching, image blending services, resizing, perspective correction, sky change and more.

Turnaround time: 12-24 hours

Highlights: High-quality work with timely delivery and 24/7 customer support by email. Free sample work opportunity with high image processing capacity. Bulk edits qualify for discounts.

2. CosyFoto


Being able to provide services at some of the lowest costs in the market makes CosyFoto stand apart.

Although the prices do not affect the quality, making them a great choice for professionals.

Pricing: Basic improvements starting at $0.70 per image.

Services: Day-to-dusk conversions, virtual staging, and retouching.

Turnaround time: 12-24 hours

Highlights: Incredibly affordable prices combined with an emphasis on quick turnaround times and excellent results.

3. Box Brownie


Box Brownie is one of the largest companies in the photo editing industry. This Australian company specializes in high-quality photo editing, especially for real estate. Since their focus is on real estate, they are more likely to offer a variety of services to meet your real estate marketing needs.

Pricing: Image enhancement starts at $1.60 per image, but other edits cost too much.

Services: Day-to-dusk transformation, Item removal, virtual staging and floor plan redrawing.

Turnaround time: 24-48 hours

Highlights: For affordable basic photo editing with transparent pricing and unlimited revisions.

4. FixiPixi

Fixi Pixi

FixiPixi has 8+ years of experience in property photo editing. Knowing the real estate game, they edit photos to your instructions, crafting the perfect listing picture that sells.

Pricing: Variable depends on the project scope of work.

Services: Photo retouching, sky removal and attach, Tree/people/furniture add or remove

Turnaround time:  12hrs

Highlights: Cheap photo editing services with swift turnaround time.

5. FixThePhoto

Fix the photo

FixThePhoto has been a trusted online photo editing service provider since 2003. They offer a number of services targeted at real estate agents while maintaining affordable and high-quality service. Their basic package includes essential edits like color correction, exposure changes, and minor object removal to enhance your listings. They also offer advanced services like virtual staging and HDR blending for an extra charge.

Pricing: starts at $1.50 per image

Services: Standard photo editing, virtual staging, HDR blending.

Turnaround time: 24-48 hours

Highlights: This company takes your real estate photos and makes them look their best, following what buyers are looking for today. They guarantee 100% security for your photos and a fast turnaround.


Real estate agents looking to enhance their property listings should consider investing in professional photo editing services. Choosing a reliable and affordable solution ensures your listings stand out visually, attracting more potential customers and increasing sales.

Visit each company's website to explore these services and learn how to use their features to boost your real estate marketing efforts.

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