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How to change colors in Photoshop?

  • April 04, 2020
  • Tips and Tutorials
How to change colors in Photoshop?

Adobe Photo is a raster graphics editor; it can alter raster images in multiple layers and allows masks, alpha compositing and several color models including RGB, CMYK, CIELAB, spot color, and duotone. All kinds of graphical formats can be used using Photoshop. Photoshop feature can be expanded to plug-ins for more support. If you know how to sort out the alteration with each of the features then you will be master of editing.

While modifying images you will always need to edit the color of some part of the images. And if you are an E-commerce entrepreneur, retailer, or photographer then you will know the main reason and need for the color correction. Basically, color correction has two different ways of alteration, either you alter a human or product. While working with the human you have to be very careful and use the very light amount of colors, overdoing will make the human less human and more like an alien, make sure you don’t overdo it. But when working with the products, you will have to be very harsh and hard on the colorization, or else you won’t get the correct color.

If you are not an expert then you can use the basic Photoshop works, there are many videos and articles on the beginner processes of Photoshop and among that this article will show you some of the basic ways you can alter color correction service.

The ‘Color replacement tool’- You can easily find this on the toolbar and to find this tool you have click and hold on the ‘Brush Tool’. Now choose an image that has some definite color in it, if you want you can choose a complicated image but it is suggested to select a simple image, the complicated image will have the complicated modification.

Now in order to change the color, have a look in the bottom of the Toolbar where you will find 2 overlapping squares, either is white and another black.

After this, a window will pop up, which will let you choose the colors you desire and once you have selected the color you like to press ‘OK’.

A useful trick you need to change the size of the brush is by using the second brackets. The left bracket ( [ ) will make the brush smaller and the right bracket ( ] ) will enlarge the brush. Mode should be set to colors as our only wish to change the colors, limits should ‘Contiguous’ and tolerance you can change as per your need, remember the increasing tolerance will give you darker shades, where decreasing will give you lighter shades. For simple images and medium color option you can choose 30-40%, in between, you will get the correct color.

After selecting all the options you can start changing the color. You can use this tool to change the color of any images you want. And after changing the Mode to Hue, Saturation or Luminosity you can turn any image color into the desired color.

‘Selective color’ Tool- To use this tool visit the layer then to new adjustment layer and then you will find selective color.

A box will show up and you have to press ‘OK’ and then you will find this

If you have the image color as red or blue or any other color then in the ‘color’ you have to keep it as red or blue.

Now you can use the sliding options to change the color as per your wish.

If you have the subject color common with the other background color then you will see that another object color is also changed. Avoid this technique if you have similar colors.

But don’t worry there is also an option to choose only the subject manually and alter the color of the subject. Magnetic Lasso Tool is mostly used for color correction than any other options; this gives the perfect blended desired color with the finest finish of the edges. After selecting the lasso tool you will have to click on the surface of the subject and then move the mouse along the subject in order to select the subject only.

Now make the adjustments as you want and you will see that the subject is only affected, others will stay the same.

There is another option to change the colors and that is ‘Replace Color’. You will find this option in the adjustments, after selecting a box will pop up and after that, you have to choose the dropper tool then have the fussiness level to 200 to change the colors. Changing fussiness level will only change the change lighter or deeper. After this, you can change the hue, saturation and lightness sliders as you wish to.

These are simple steps and options you can use to set different colors of the objects and subjects as you want. Select the easiest option you like and keep on playing, more you play the more you will be expert on. These are really easy and won’t consume much time. Except for color correction Photoshop has many other features as well. It provides the full packages of editing you require, all you have to do is practice and you will an expert in no time.


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