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There was a time when pictures were used for keeping memories or capturing moments solely but with the advancement in an era, the use of multimedia has been widened much. People use it to capture every special event and occasion for saving their memories, businesses use images to sell their products through e-commerce and to create ads or billboards.

Brands are using images to display their products/services and celebrities are using them to become more and more famous. In other words, we can say that images are currently the most effective medium for promotions, campaigns, and many other things.

But, along with the advancements in modern technologies, the competition has also been increased by a great deal. Now, every client or viewer has millions of choices to opt from. If your pictures aren’t perfect, the customer will go to the other provider with a more attractive display. Therefore, displaying more perfect and irresistible images has become a necessity for every business.

Clipping Path Associate is a company that can help you in creating fascinating photos by different techniques and tools. Doesn’t matter if it is a business campaign, a personal portfolio, a brand display, a sales item or simply some memories from any dear occasion, our team can help you in topping off all. Located in Singapore, the UK, and the USA, we are serving as a high-quality image processing company in all over the world. Our expertise is in various image processing services, including:

• Clipping Path Services

• Background Removal Services

• Shadow Making Services

• Ghost Mannequin Effect Services

• Image Masking Services

• Image Enhancement Services

• Image Manipulation Services

• Jewelry photo editing and retouching Services

• Model Photo Retouching services and many more.

If you are wondering why you should choose clipping path over other companies then the answer is quite simple. Our services are our pride and we take it as a passion. Our services are fast, high-quality and reliable. We have carefully mined the expert people to serve in our team so that you can get nothing less than the perfect.

Moreover, our pricing starts from the lowest rates i.e.; $0. 39 cents per image. So, you can say that along with high quality, our services are cost-effective as well. Our company is extremely transparent and unlike others, we do not have any hidden costs for any service.

Over 2000 images are processed daily by the company which implies that you will not have to wait long to get your edited images. After hiring, our image delivery time is 0-24 hours only and as fascinating as it sounds, you can send us images according to your convenience.

Our user-friendly services do not stick the customers to use any special medium for transferring images. You can use DropBox, Google Drive, and transfer. We also have FTP support available, so that you can transfer your images easily in a book. Other than this, we take special care of our regular customers and provide various amazing benefits to them. These may include free trials, monthly or weekly payment policies, etc. Our customers are our priority and we try our best to facilitate them through every possible way.

For e-commerce businesses or corporate clients, we provide separate processing teams so that they do not have to explain their needs again and again. The specific teams would be there for you whenever you need any services and they will edit the images as per your demands or frame of need.

Our fantastic customer support system enables us to assure the quality of every service. It is open 24/7 so that you do not have to waste your time by waiting for the replies. In case, if any of our customers encounter a problem, our support team will be there to listen and solve it as soon as possible. We love to see our customers happy and it is our strength from the first day.We are more than happy to have extremely satisfied customers from all over the globe and we will be pleased to serve you too. We welcome the new customers with open arms so if you are looking for a company to create magic in your photos, then Clipping Path is the best choice.

For more details regarding our services kindly visit our website:www.clippingpathassociate.com

Our Services

Background-remove-before-01 Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path Associate is a seaward illustrations outline and picture altering house where you can get help for your organizations with the long-haul relationship at moderate expense. We tout of an e...

08004076_2070_1-Before Background Removal Service

By giving you a fixed pricing structure on clipping path, image masking, background removal. It allows you to consider budgets quickly and also gain great benefits on large batch process requirements....

Shadow-01Before Shadow Making Service

On the E-commerce sector it is very important to have everything look perfect. Think if you have the products without the shadow, it will definitely look unreal, and to make it look real it shall have...

Image-Masking01_Before-last-508 Image Masking Service

Photoshop Image Masking Service is generally utilized for making item indexes. Photoshop Image Masking is utilized with Clipping Path method to knock out the background of a complex picture to be put...

ghost-2_Before Ghost Mannequin Effect Service

Clipping Path Associate is an offshore graphics design and image editing house who provide the quality Photoshop Image Manipulation at an affordable cost. Our professional designer has vast experience...

Image-Enhansment01_Before-508 Image Enhancement Service

Photo enhancement service is a package of edits that an image needs to convert dullness, gloominess to attractive, naturally blended with colors. It includes saturation, contrast, warmth, exposure, br...

Juwelary-retouching01_Before-508 Jewelry Retouching Service

Photoshop retouching, or airbrushing are another names of Image retouching. This service changes the impression of the picture and makes change to improve its outlook. Even though images are taken wit...

Sample7_After Architecture Retouching Service

Architectural photography is something which is always soothing to the eyes. I could look at good architectural photography all day. What’s interesting is how architectural photographers use light to...

HDP_6586_Before Wedding Photo Retouching

Editing weddings and portraits provides a unique challenge for photographers. After a few hours to a day of shooting you’re left with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of images to work through. Timeline...

Model-Retouching_Befor Model Retouching Service

Beauty retouching is probably one of the most popular application areas in which Adobe Photoshop is used extensively. There are two simple reasons for that. First, Photoshop offers a variety of advanc...

Q-light-blue-1_Before Photoshop Color Correction Service

Photoshop color correction is a process where the images are corrected with the color of RGB and balanced with other enhancements like exposure, contrast, saturation, warmth. It is basically a way to...

cav-empt_2000123745015_2-3 Ecommerce Image Editing Services

If you are looking for a company who provide Product Image Editing Services with Cropping, Resizing, Straightening and formatting for publishing in the website or any advertising purpose at affordable...

Raster-to-vector-_Before-508 Raster and Vector

Raster and Vector are the two main types of image files. Pixel-based programs are raster images captured with a camera or scanner. They are commonly used on the web in the form of jpg, gif, or png. Ve...

ghost-3_Before Product Photo Editing Service

Product retouching is a method of photograph redaction, which incorporates adding new details or touches to pictures for correction or improvement. It aims to make a photograph more attractive so that...

1F3A1170-Before Photoshop Deep Etch Service

Deep-etch is a technique of graphics. The term deep etching is sometimes referred to as the method to obviate a particular part of an image or to separate a picture from its background so it stands al...

Untitled-2_Before Photo Retouching Service

Photos are memories preserved forever. They make a moment timeless, and one can always go back and cherish the memories through images and photographs. However, most of the times, the photos do not tu...

psd1 Photo Editing Service

Nowadays in order to reach any business peak, each enterpriser desires an online presence to plug their product or services among the audience. It can include selling or advertising, and or these purp...

raffle-25-5-yeezy_2000143952127_1-2 Image cut-out service

Image cut-out is a method of cutting the photographs by choosing a section for cutting and using photoshop tools then saving it as a very new file. The image can even be placed on another background w...

HDP_6586_Before Image Blending Service

Image blending is a technique used to induce an image by merging two completely different pictures together. The provided pictures should usually have a constant position.HDR mixing service includes m...

Raster-to-vector01_logo_Before-508 Desktop Publishing Service

Desktop commercial publishing services are offered by translation agencies if your company wants to translate the text of the first document while maintaining a similar layout of the first document. Y...

08004038_2420_1Before Christmas Photo Editing

Christmas is the most widely celebrated annual festival in all over the world. It is also called the festival of lights. People usually celebrate it with exceeding delight and happiness. Family Get To...

Untitled-1-copy1 Amazon photo editing service

Nowadays, in order to reach any business peak, each enterpriser desires an online presence to plug their product or services among the audience. It can include selling or advertising, and for these pu...

360_1-1 360 PHOTO EDITING

Nowadays in order to succeed in any business, every businessperson wishes an online presence to plug their product or services among the audience. It will embrace marketing or advertising, and for all...

S1-Before Car Photo Editing

Photo editing or background removal‘s demand are increasing day by day in all sector of business like online automobile business, grocery e-commerce business, cloths shopping business fashion, etc.

Cheap, fast and high quality 0-72 hrs turnaround!

For our regular clients, we are offering Extra facilities?

  • Get free trial for each service
  • Monthly/weekly/by-weekly payment policy
  • Quality assurance whatever you are in small or large quantity.
  • We will manage separate expert team members for each company or corporate clients for maintaining deadline of projects
  • Discount offer for bulk image processing.
  • Free quotation within short time and 24/7 open for customer support.
  • Offering low price, let’s try with Us.
  • We are very transparent, no hiding price rate, no compromise with quality.

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